24 Marketing tips for the festive season

Christmas is drawing nearer and the festive season is getting even more festive. Holiday shoppers are getting in the jolly mood. For your business, this means more money in terms of increased sales, but only if you can succeed at the handy task of engaging your shoppers.

festive season marketing tipsHoliday shopping comes with its perks for your business. Customers are less keen about prices and products. Traditional rules are simply tossed out in favor of the best offers available. Every business wants to capitalize on the festive frenzy. However, unlike other seasons, the trick is not in stimulating your clients to spend, they already want to do this. Rather, the trick is in convincing them to spend on what you have to offer. This is one thing to keep in mind while crafting your holiday marketing plan.

If, you’re caught up in the festive marketing frenzy and can’t seem to decide what to have, not to fret. We your dedicated social media marketing assistant, have a 25 point guide to help you plan for the holiday market. If you don’t have a plan, why not use our guide to come up with one. If you already have a plan, you can use our guide as a checklist. Just like Santa, we have something for everyone!

1. A Plan – Yes, as obvious or obnoxious as it seems, our first item is to have an actual written plan, and not just an idea of what you think you should do.
2. Identify your target market – Your marketing plan should specifically attend to your target market
3. Why are they shopping? – Keep in mind that holiday shoppers might be shopping for gifts and not for themselves
4. How about some advice – Horn your personnel’s’ customer relation skills so that they are able to offer advice on gift shopping
5. Identify your promotional strategy – Determine whether you want to give discounts or play a raffle
6. Use different strategies – A mix of strategies is more fun and for your clients, increases chances of getting something
7. Give discounts – Black Friday went down last week with massive price slashes, and record shopping. Some shoppers simply live for sales!
8. Calendars – Why not help your shoppers plan for the year to be with a calendar. If you have any events planned, why not indicate them? Beware of competitors though.

On Social Media

9. Showcase your products – Take photos of what you’re selling and let your customers experience them
10. Showcase Your Offers – Let your clients know what you have to offer so that they come prepared
11. Say Thank You – Facebook has a fantastic video feature that makes it easy to say thank you in just under a minute
12. Make a holiday Video – Show your clients that your enterprise too has caught a case of the holiday jitters. It’s fun and it makes it easier to connect
13. Recollect the moments – Remind your clients of some of the highlights of the year. Nostalgia = connection
14. Have a holiday chat – Hold a holiday chat on Facebook for example, and share holiday ideas. It’s all about connecting
15. Social media discounts – We have said this before. Discounts on social media allow you to grow your social media presence

In the Spirit of Giving …

16. Consider different discounts – Offer different discounts for different packages or product mixes
17. Free giveaways – Why not giveaway merchandise that gets people in the know about your services and contacts.
18. Sufficiently philanthropic – Or you could go large and give to charity. We all love good CSR
19. Client of the year? – If your systems are elaborate enough, you could award your client of the year. This way, next year more clients will want to spend more on you.
20. Guaranteed giveaways – Make sure everyone gets something
21. Coupons – Coupons are a great way to redeem value and customers

At your Shop or Store

22. Stand out – Have a banner or a flag that makes your store more visible
23. How about a Christmas tree?  Perhaps you could have an in store Christmas tree where shoppers can take photos
24. Create the atmosphere – Theme your store or office into a festive atmosphere. You may even play some mood music to inspire the holiday spirit.