How to drive the client numbers up with Social media marketing

Are you a Marketing Strategist seated at your office, reviewing your company’s performance for the month and you cannot help but think, “How do I drive the client numbers up?” Well worry no more, we are here to tell you how with just two words, Think Social.

For the past few years, Social media has been on a roll topping the list of every Digital Marketing Strategists as a way to drive clients towards their products and services. Every day companies are jumping on this bandwagon to better their sales, improve their customer interaction and to put their names on the map.

But how do they achieve this with Social media?

Think back to 2004 and 2009 when Facebook and Twitter launched. It was basically all fun and games and status updates until these platforms took the world by storm. They put to practice reducing the world into a global village and made interaction and communication far much easier and far much exciting. Moreover, with tech titans competing to land smartphone handsets on every human hand, social media numbers increased due to the ease of access. Therefore, the main reason why your company should consider adopting social media marketing is; your clients are probably spending time online.

With that realization, here is how you can use Social Media to have better-looking client numbers, improve customer relations and therefore advance your business.

  1. Do not limit yourself.

Facebook and twitter may be the pioneers but there are other platforms that could help you connect to your clients effectively. Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to showcase in pictures what your business has to offer. People respond to good images. LinkedIn is more of a professional networking site where you are likely to meet and interact with your next business partner. Web blogs and Websites are also a good podium to connect with prospects. Being present on every other platform does not necessarily drive sales, identify which is more valuable to you and focus on it.

  1. Hold Conversations and maintain Consistency.

Merely having an account does not automatically draw people to you. You have to spark conversations with prospects and keep it consistent. Scheduling is key. Aside from marketing your services, find out what your customers are saying about your business and always respond. Ignoring your customers is a quick way to sink your boat. Always respond to questions and comments.

Being consistently online means your customers can quickly reach you with their concerns and if you are quick to respond then way to go on building the relationship. Aside from that, being online means your customers can always see your latest products, your newest business venture and your latest events. Your customers will feel updated and will desire to take part in what you have in store for them.

  1. Connect with Content.

Simply writing a message with a link to your website more often than not gets ignored. When writing a post, let it be a genuine desire to connect with your clients. Phrasing your posts in a manner that shows you do care for you customers is certainly more click-worthy and drives more customers towards your business.

Connect and follow your clients to make them feel that you do care. Also, connect with other members whose ideas resonate with yours and generate a bond that will in the long run benefit both ends.

  1. Clients before Hits.

Social Media Marketing can sometimes get in your head making you hungry for numbers and less concerned about your clients’ feedback and wants. When your clients realize that you are only using them to get Retweets and mentions then with time they will jump ship. Genuinely connecting with your clients will give you the bonus of the numbers.

Social Media is inevitably here to stay. More and more businesses are opting to build an online presence to market their products and services and to connect and build relationships with their clients. If you are new to this, the above few tips will be of help as you take off.

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