Learn how to create Lovable Content for a successful social media campaign

Social media marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience. Amazingly, it works ironically in that it requires your target audience to reach you first. This is arguably the greatest challenge associated with social media marketing. Unlike mass media campaigns that allow you to reach massive masses without necessarily requiring their consent, the unwritten, unspoken rules of social media dictate that the client is in control. One could speak of virtual physical barriers that make it hard to speak directly to your target consumer unless they want to be spoken to.

To overcome this challenge, the solution lies in a simple, intriguing yet elusive and equivocal task – Creating lovable content for your audience. Lovable content not only keeps the client interested, but with the right content, it allows you to connect with them. In this brief tutorial, I will be enlightening you with a few tips that will allow you to connect with your audience

Get to Know Your Audience

  1. knowyouraudienceKnow who they are. A good marketing campaign knows who it is targeting and an even better campaign understands what they want. Get to know your audience and understand their interests and likes.
  2. Let them be. Don’t bundle your audiences into one big family. If you target different audiences, then you might want to come up with content for each. The more an audience feels that you are speaking to them, the greater their attention and the greater the connection.
  3. Understand what they are looking for. It is not just enough to know what the interests of your audience are. Get to understand what they are looking for and work specifically towards this.
  4. Understand what ‘Ticks’ for them. Understanding what is optimal for your audience means that you are better suited to connect with them. Get to know specifically what makes them glow and they make you shine.
  5. Create your content. Once you know what your audience wants, you can then give them what they want.

Use your posts to connect for success

  1. An eye-catching headline. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Newspapers, Magazines and other published contents have made use of this fine trick for success. Why not borrow a leaf and headline your posts for success. It’s all about first impressions since nobody will look twice at what doesn’t please them at first. What’s more, a great heading means more shares.
  2. Keep it simple. Make your content more palatable by breaking it down into shorter paragraphs and sentences. Also, try to use simple but succinct wording. While the big words may impress, remember that most people simply won’t have the time to keep referencing. Keep it straight to the point.
  3. Dress for success. For many people, what you see is what you get. A well designed blog means attention to detail. Moreover, human beings are visual beings and they need to like what they see for them to love it.
  4. Use graphics. A photo speaks a thousand words. Biology also tells us that people see much faster than they read. Incorporate attention-grabbing images in your content to keep your audience hooked.

These are just a few tips on creating lovable content. It’s a process that takes time and more importantly patience. However, if done correctly, it will have many benefits for your business.

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