Paddy Micro Project

The Challenge

Paddy Micro Investments limited Kenya, was looking for a more robust user experience and a Website that brings them more customers. They wanted to update how their Website looks and feels and how their audience interact with it. We were asked to map out and figure how users interact with the website and how they eventually become their clients. 


The Internet Marketing Planning and Strategy

Our Internet Marketing Strategy catered for both their Website design, Social Media Marketing and Paid advertisement. We clearly defined our timelines and Marketing Goals were set.
With a Main goal of getting new leads, We focused on connecting Paddy Micro investments to its existing fan base.
A focus on Social Media created a forum for the brand to connect with existing customers. As well as increase brand awareness through sharable content. Email marketing provided a reliable avenue for drawing previous visitors and subscribers back to the site.

The Results

New Website that displays both on Computer and Mobile devices

60%  Overall Increase in Website enquiries from the Website Submission form.

Over 100% increase in Website traffic from Paid adverts.

Over 15000 Facebook likes gained on Facebook. 

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