Learn how to build a Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

Social media marketing has had a widespread acceptance in the business circles. It is very difficult to find a business that doesn’t understand the value social media marketing brings in its business growth, brand awareness and lead generationSocial Media Marketing Strategy

To understand just how much businesses have implemented social media marketing, have a look at the statistics below:

81 % of SMEs in Nairobi make use of Social media tools.
50% of SMEs in Nairobi use social media for social networking
29% of SMEs in Nairobi use social media for microblogging,
20% of SMEs in Nairobi use social media for other social media tools e.g. zetu.com, rupu.com
The most preferred social media networks used by SMEs were Facebook 58% Twitter 13% and others at 29%

Statistics by Ambrose Jagongo, PhD. MKIM, Kenyatta University, and Catherine Kinyua Country Representative (Kenya).
Taken from the International Journal of Humanities and Social science May 2013.
Title: The Social Media and Entrepreneurship Growth (A New Business Communication Paradigm among SMEs in Nairobi)

The statistics are plenty but I believe you understand what I am trying to put across. Social media marketing is a great investment for your business or company’s growth and success.
With the widespread social media marketing popularity, it is only right to say that there might be some newcomers who are just getting in the game.
Whether you have just started your business or just moved in to a marketing role, it is never too late to start. The best thing with social media marketing is that most of its components have already been documented; therefore a small search on Google can get you all the information you need.

Where to Start: Writing a Social Media Marketing plan

In the early days of social media marketing, business owners and marketers jumped straight in headfirst. Write a Social Media Marketing PlanThey didn’t understand what they wanted to do or what they wanted to achieve with social media.
If you are a business owner or a marketer who’s just starting out you are lucky because I will guide you through it.
Strategy is the most important thing that you must get right. That term “social media marketing strategy” has been loosely used and reused to mean anything from strategic planning to setting up a Facebook page. So it is important to develop a strategy that brings value to your business.

Have a look at how you can approach building such a strategy.

1. Audit your recent marketing efforts.Audit marketing efforts

I believe you already have an assortment of recent marketing campaigns that are currently active or completed. Review everything that you have done in the past to promote your business. Have a clear understanding on what marketing tactics have been used.
Don’t leave anything be very thorough. This audit is not focused on what worked or did not; it is about understanding what was done, when and how it was done.

2. Determine your successes and failures

Once you have carried out the audit, I believe you will have a detailed summary of all the marketing and promotional tactics that you or your predecessors used to promote your business.
Identify the failures. Find the worst performing marketing tactics and analyse them in detail:

  • Why did they fail
  • What do you think could have been done differently?
  • How were the campaigns managed and measured?
  • Is there any analytics?

We learn from our mistakes, so take some time to educate yourself.
Once that is done, identify the marketing tactics that brought value to your business or company.

  • What was different about these tactics?
  • Did it focus on a different target audience?
  • Did it use superior creative?
  • Did it target a different platform or medium?

It should be clear at this point to note where the successes differed from the failures, so pick the best tactics and take note of them.

3. Find out where social media marketing fits.Social-Media-Marketing

Once you have found out what tactics and methods work for your business target audience, current customers, and market segment, you can start thinking about a social media strategy.

  • What do you want to use social media for?
  • Is it for brand awareness?
  • Building leads?
  • Customer relations?
  • Or just creating publicity?

Focus your social media on the areas where your business failed in the past.
This is the part where you want to take a break and brainstorm on the possibilities.
You want more ideas at this step.

4. Set your goals and define your buyer persona.

Once you know what you want to get from social media marketing, its time to set realistic goals on top of that vision, e.g. buyer-personaIf you want brand awareness, take your time and define what success will look like. It is important to figure out how you will measure the effort and success for a particular goal before thinking of an execution plan. You will also have to come up with tactics that will be used to achieve your goals. So the steps are:

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Define how you will measure the success of each goal.
  • Come up with tactics that will help you achieve your goals.

Have you built a buyer persona for your business? Most businesses already know who their type of customers is. If you have a buyer persona, check it through with your social media marketing goals and make sure you have created the right goals go hand in hand with your buyer persona.
For businesses that haven’t developed their buyer persona, this process is long. So we created a Free Buyer persona Template that might guide you in creating your own buyer persona download it here.

5. Map out a content Marketing strategy

A social media marketing campaign can’t be successful without content. To ensure that your organisation’s content is effective, make sure that you are creating the right content to the right people and delivering it at the right time. content marketingContent mapping is doing just that. The goal of content mapping is to make sure that you target content according to the characteristics of the person who will be consuming it (think buyer personas) and how close the person is to making a sale.
It is important to create a content mapping strategy because most businesses start blogging with no focus, no objectives and no progress. That’s why after 3 months they realize that no one is reading their articles; they become frustrated and stop blogging. That is the worst thing you can do to your social media marketing.
Remember content mapping will go along way in helping create a blogging calendar for your website.
I will be writing more on content mapping and creating a blogging calendar in a later post, for now lets focus on the bigger picture where content is just a part of.

6. Decide the Social media platforms to use.

I INSIST only after you have audited existing and past marketing campaigns, determined where social media fits, identified your goals and target audience, created a content mapping strategy, then can you start thinking of what platforms to use.
The order of steps is really important. If your main goal is to generate weekly videos, you will have to use YouTube. If you only plan on writing blogs and no contests or offers, then twitter and Google+ can come in handy. If part of your tactics is to create offers and competitions, then you will be better off implementing Facebook.
Obviously you will want to use the top four social media marketing platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in Kenya. But it won’t be wise for you to choose a platform first before coming up with a plan. Create your marketing plan first then pick the platforms.

7. After everything is done, employ business savvy people whom you can trust.

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