Learn how to turn your website visitors to paying clients

So a review of your web metrics reveals your traffic is up by more than 50%. Your conversion rates, however, are still as low. Your visitors simply aren’t buying into your site. What could be the problem?

This is one of the greater challenges for social media marketers. Once you have dealt with the enormous challenge of driving traffic to your site, you must now consider an even more daunting task of turning those visitors into clients. Within internet marketing rings, this is referred to as conversion. Conversion optimization, on the other hand, means making the most out of the most of your visitors.

While a poor website will usually cause you to lose customers, having a great website doesn’t necessarily guarantee you new clients or that your customers will stay. It’s a tough reality that social media marketers and internet marketers must contend with. Below are some insights that can help you improve the conversion rates on your website.

Know your client’s needs

what ur customer wants 2This is a point that we have indicated before and we continue to persist. Knowing your client’s needs allows you to develop and design content that is relevant and specific to their needs. A great starting point is to develop a buyer persona for your clients. Make sure that you communicate to this specific persona or target group. Your audience needs to feel your message and they can only do so if they feel that it targets them. They need to feel that what you have to offer is congruent to what they require.

Develop a feedback mechanism. Encourage your client’s to respond and to detail what they need. This allows you to really know your client. It will allow you to develop and provide content that corresponds to their needs.

Fresh content

Fresh content is another point that we have mentioned. Clients want to feel that their needs are being met with the latest possible solutions. They want to know that this is the much progress that has been made. Fresh content creates this perception. The best way to ensure that you have fresh content always is to come up with an editorial calendar Here is an article that will help you create a great Editorial calendar. http://webonmobi.com/build-successful-editorial-calendar-blog-5-easy-steps

Clients don’t want to read content that is years old. They need to feel that you are present and nothing communicates this better than content that is recent. They need to feel that your company is alive, and fresh content easily achieves this goal.

Content is really a critical component if you intend to make clients out of your visitors. However, you may find yourself short of dedicated staff to perform this task. You should consider hiring a professional, committed and dedicated copywriter to perform this function.

Get down to Business

Website DesignAsides, from a great and catchy design, the design of your website also needs to be professional and technically constructed. By technically constructed, we mean that it should communicate the product that you are marketing, in the same way that a physical store would. This is actually grounded in scientific findings which indicate that web atmospherics really do influence purchasing behavior.

So if for example, your site deals with construction equipment, the use images and colors that communicate this to the client. Moreover, make sure to make it obvious that you mean to sell a product or hire out a service.

Does it abide by the trinity?

The trinity referred to here is the conversion trinity assessment Believe it or not it actually exists. Perhaps your social media consultant has mentioned it to you. If not, here’s a brief description.

A conversion trinity assessment involves investigating the relevance, value and call to action of the landing page of a website. Evaluate your landing page against your buyer personas. Is your landing page relevant to your persona? Does it offer value in the context of the personas specific needs? More importantly, do you provide a call to action?

A call to action is important, since it is ultimately that last tick that turns your visitors into clients. The call to action should incite your client to act now to resolve their problem.

Need an evaluation your website’s conversion efficacy? Or do you need a trinity conversion assessment.