Are you on Twitter?

In this day and age most individuals are on twitter and one isn’t well at least they’ve heard about it or at least have quite a few friends on it or rather using it. Are you on twitter yourself? Do you have a clue on what it’s about? We are here to enlighten you from the era of the caveman and into civilization.



Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that ensures smooth running of social media activities all around the globe. The fact that a tweet is limited to 140 characters makes it a quick and precise format of sharing and giving information. Twitter has also made possible the fact that you can now communicate with people you couldn’t reach via emails or personal messages hence one can now create their own community of like-minded people. It also comes with different tools and application hence easy to navigate.

Did you know that Twitter is useful to everyone?

It is as useful to individuals as it is to businesses. One can easily communicate with their friends as well as share useful information around the world. By tweeting, people can locate you and also tell what you’re doing. It can also be used as a business tool. Now, as a person who is constantly using the internet you’ll realize that everyone became too busy to get out and get things done the normal or ‘analog’ hence moving every other business online. Many companies are now using Twitter for customer service as seen above. This makes everything less hectic and saves time for everyone. The daily Twitter Trending Topics revolve around things mostly talked about around the twitter community and this could work for anyone with a company or just personal branding. Companies can also use it to tell the world or their customers about their new products as well as prices ad discounts.

So have you joined twitter?