Winning it with great Email marketing strategies

You have probably heard or read about email marketing strategies and are wondering how you can use the same for your business. What you have heard is that email marketing can be an especially effective tool for your small business. What no one has bothered to tell you, however, are the particulars relating to email marketing and it can be used to harness these advantages. email-marketing

Email marketing is actually a really strong tool for marketing your small business, but it can also have disastrous outcomes. The key to success or failure is in how you use it for your business.

Email marketing has not really caught on locally, due to the unappreciated fact by stakeholders that this is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. Having a great email marketing strategy can be a powerful, yet simple and cost-effective marketing strategy. First, consider that it costs virtually nothing to compose and send an email. Further, email marketing allows you to reach a wide audience. Moreover, this audience is able to receive your message at the luxury of a few clicks. For the more conservative minds, consider email marketing as traditional mail marketing – on

Email marketing can be used in many different ways. For example

  • You may send promotional emails
  • You can email new customers
  • You can email, adverts and marketing messages

Email marketing is a very agile and very flexible marketing tool. It allows you to reach a greater number of consumers within a shorter period. You don’t need to go through the hassle of contacting an advertising agency, designing an advert and then securing prime time for your advert to be aired. Essentially, it is easier and more effective to connect with your customers through email. Moreover, you customers feel closer to you since you connect with them at a more personalized level.

Another advantage with email marketing is cost. As noted, email marketing severely cuts down on your advertising chain of activities. All you have to do really is compose an email and send it out.

So how exactly do you implement email marketing you ask? It’s really quite simple. First, a few rules to keep in mind. First, while the overall aim of email marketing is to reach a wider audience, avoid blasting your contacts list with emails. This will get you directly into the spam box.

Instead of sending out a single message to your entire contact list, consider sending out different messages to smaller subsets. Then, based on the feedback you receive, you can then tweak and adjust your messages here and there. This will ensure that you have a good fit between your messages and the audience.

email-marketing-cartoon1Another key strategy is to harmonize your emails and your brand. Ensure that your email is not only compelling, but also relevant to your brand. What people see on the email is what they can easily identify with the brand.

Additionally, ensure that your emails are mobile ready. It’s a no-brainer that Kenya’s largest segment, of consumers accessing the internet, does so over their mobile phones. These days, people rarely visit cybercafés and even those who own laptops opt for the convenience of their hand-held buddies. Numbers don’t lie. CCK reports that 99% of Kenyans access the internet over their phones.

Email marketing is a great way for your business to get on the map. Kenya has a proven history of favoring those who go local and direct to the consumer. Consider the unrivalled success of M-Pesa and agent banking. It’s no longer about the sharks. Why not out-swim the sharks with a great email marketing strategy? Contact us today and let us help your design a working digital marketing strategy.